Sarah brings experience and expertise

If you’ve ever heard her sing, you know Sarah Stivers has a strong voice. Did you know she wants to use that voice to work for her neighbors in Indiana’s 70th District?

As Clark, Floyd, and Harrison Counties’ representative, Sarah Stivers will work to create good jobs and vote for legislation that makes it easier for Hoosiers to get affordable healthcare, receive a quality education, and support their families and communities. Sarah is a small business owner, professional singer and former public school teacher who has the background and experience to serve Indiana’s 70th District.

Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, by a single, public school teacher, Sarah’s mom always worked two jobs to make ends meet. Sarah Stivers witnessed firsthand how determination and education helped her mother provide for Sarah and her two brothers. Sarah’s loans and scholarships offset school tuition and eventually she embarked on a teaching career of her own. Teaching in public and private settings, her public high school service was the most rewarding. In spite of the outdated building and peeling plaster, she really connected with her “kids,” mostly from low-income families, by using music, movement and singing to reinforce their lessons.

While teaching, Sarah continued to sing. She landed steady work for herself and two other musicians at a then newly renovated Indiana resort. When she noticed that her client needed reliable, turn-key entertainment, Sarah Stivers saw an opportunity to serve her community. She created even more steady jobs for local and regional entertainers. Sarah learned an accounting program, payroll calculations and other business skills and her entertainment company was born.  She turned her passion for singing and entertainment into a successful small business. Now Sarah Stivers hires hundreds of musicians and has created dozens of steady jobs for skilled workers.

One reason Sarah Stivers is running for office is to be a positive role model for her nieces and nephews. She enjoys spending time with McKenna, Reagan, Wyatt and Stockton and wants to do her part to shape the world their generation will inherit. Sarah is often on the campaign trail with her faithful sidekick, Ellie Rose, a friendly Chihuahua mix named after First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. On the side of children, business owners, teachers and Hoosiers, Sarah Stivers’ background in small business, jobs creation, education and healthcare, makes her the most qualified candidate to represent House District 70. Vote for Sarah Stivers on November 6.